Securing Financial Futures

Bennett & Co offers complete access to the best of the domestic and the international share market.

At Bennett & Co, we believe that every investment made, whether it be large or small is important and forms a basis to fulfil short term or long term investment objectives. What may be a minor investment for one investor may be a large investment for another, so all investments are treated with the same prudence and diligence.

The asset allocation of your portfolio is the key determinant of performance, risk and volatility over time. So we work with you to define the appropriate asset allocation depending on your circumstances and financial position.

Benefits include:

  • Our team will guide you through the process of creating and maintaining your share portfolio with sound, proven advice.
  • We will assess your risk return profile and build a share portfolio tailored to your investment objectives.


  • Enjoy more flexibility and the freedom to choose from the best of the domestic and international market.
  • You’ll get expert advice on suitable shares to purchase or liquidate from your portfolio.

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