The Bennett & Co Difference

Bennett & Co enables you to invest with some of the best fund managers in the world in one consolidated account.

Our Bennett & Co portfolio management service offers greater exposure to several asset classes for investors providing investors with a variety of management platforms and access to to a variety of fund managers along with direct equities.


Benefits  include

  • Your bespoke portfolio is developed to cater for your unique financial situation and desired outcomes.
  • Our investment managers have extensive experience in portfolio management and achieving superior risk adjusted returns, so you can be confident you’re getting the best advice.
  • You can access opportunities you won’t find in a standard bank suite of products.
  • We can incorporate investments across a range of asset classes, including Australian and international shares, bonds and fixed interest, listed property and alternative assets.
  • Our investment managers are continually scrutinised to offer you peace-of-mind and ensure they meet portfolio objectives.

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